How to Register CIMB Clicks?
Registration at Branch

You will need to visit at any CIMB Thai branches, to fill up the CIMB Clicks Internet Banking application form required your full name, identification number / passport number, address, email and mobile number in order to receive an Internet ePin (8 digit) sent via sms to your specific given mobile number for your perform First Time Login.

Remark: CIMB Thai Bank will provide an Internet ePin (8 digits) via SMS to your mobile phone within 3 working days.

Registration at ATM

You will need to create an Internet ePin at any CIMB Thai ATM's terminal. ePin created must be in 8 digit and is preferably different from your ATM Pin as following below screen
step1 Select "Other Services"
step2Select "Services for CIMB Clikcs Internet Banking"
step3Read CIMB Clicks Internet Banking Information, then press "Enter"
step4Please enter your ID card number 13 digit
step5Please create your ePin (an 8 digit) for CIMB Clicks
step6Please confirm your ePin (an 8 digit) for CIMB Clicks
step7System will prompt Do you want a receipt?
step8System will prompt your transaction is completed
First Time Login

Step 1:

After you got a Internet ePin, you log onto and perform "First Time Login".

Step 2:

You are then required to complete the compulsory field are create your own personal User ID, password, email address and mobile number.

The newly created user ID will be used in subsequent login sessions. It should be in alphanumeric format with a minimum of 8 digits and a maximum of 32 characters and alphabets. Password should be of 8 characters, consisting both alphabets and numeric.