CIMB Clicks on Mobile Application
• Check the balance and movement of your savings/current account anytime and anywhere with a convenient calendar showing your statement in the previous 90 days.
• Check the total balance of fixed deposit, tax-free fixed deposit (Phemkha Sabai-Jai deposit) with overall details of all accounts' balance.
• View details of both savings account and foreign currency deposit account (AUD, EUR, SGD and USD).
• Balance inquiry and online repayment for both unsecured and secured loans

Funds Transfer
Transfer money anywhere via your smart phone or tablet:
• To your CIMB Thai accounts
• To others’ CIMB Thai accounts *
• To other bank accounts *
• To PromptPay *

Bill Payment *
Save your time finding service points by paying your bills via smart phone or tablet to over 35 participating billers, e.g. credit card, insurance premium and mobile phone service.

Scheduled Bill Payment/Funds Transfer
No more worries about forgetting to monthly pay the bills or transfer money – simply set your transfer or payment schedule.

Note *

Investment Service (For user with Unitholder ID of CIMB-Principal Asset Management Co., Ltd., or CPAM, only)
• Summary view at "Unitholder ID"
• Subscribe, redeem, or switch units of CPAM mutual funds.
• Cancel your order within the date of subscription, redemption or switching units of CPAM mutual funds.
• Submit your subscription or unit switching order of IPO via CIMB Clicks. However, switching unit from LTF/RMF to IPO is unavailable.

Insurance Product
• Check details of life insurance products of Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited which you take service via the Bank, e.g. policy number*, term of coverage, and term of premium payment.

CIMB Thai Banks locations and service points
Find the nearest branch (with its address and phone number) or ATM via GPS when you want to contact us or cash is urgently needed.

Loan Calculator
Preliminarily plan your future using loan calculator service. By yourself, you can calculate to know installment amount or required loan amount that you want to borrow.

Start using CIMB Clicks on Mobile Application right away without signing up

If you already have user ID and password of CIMB Clicks, you can start using the service right away. The information shown will be the same one as in CIMB Clicks Internet Banking. To use the service via Mobile Application, simply follow these steps:
   1. Connect your smart phone or tablet to the internet.
   2. Download the application – searching “CIMB Clicks Thailand” from   and 
   3. Log in with your CIMB Clicks user ID and password. If you are not CIMB Clicks user, to see how to register.

Screen samples

   * Transaction fees and conditions are the same one of CIMB Clicks Internet Banking as
   per the Bank’s announcement and conditions.

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