Securities trading on CIMB Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ("CIMBS")

•  Apply for opening CIMBS account by submitting the on-line application via CIMB Clicks. After that, CIMBS staff will contact you within 2 working days to fill in the official application form and open an account for you.
•  On-line trading (registration is required for the first log in via CIMB Clicks). Once the registration is complete, the system will automatically link to on-line trading system of CIMBS.*
•  Transfer fund to securities account.

Remark*: Securities trading transactions are made on the system of CIMBS. The Bank takes no responsibility to such transactions. For any enquiry, please contact CIMB Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Te. 02-6708696, 02-2098787.
Top-Up Service

•  Top up for services, e.g. e-wallet. We currently accept bill payments for the following billers:

Mobile Phone
- True Money
- mPAY

Goods and Services
- Smart Purse card

Daily Limit Click here

Enhanced security for more confidence in our service
• Show only last four digits of your account number for security of your account. If you wish to have all digits displayed, please make change at the menu "Other Services > Account Number Display Format".

• Add or remove account(s) for making transactions on CIMB Clicks Internet Banking at the menu "Other Services > Add/Remove My Own Account" for more security.

Receive alerting messages on provided mobile number or e-mail address for every service taking, including logging in, password change, money transfer, bill payment, fund and other services. To change mobile number for receiving SMS alerts, please contact us at 0 2626 7777.